The " Colombières " garden

History and style >>>

This garden was created by the painter and writer Ferdinand Bac between 1918 and 1927 for the Ladan-Bockairy family. It is a combination of little gardens, separated with mostly Latin species, rather than exotic ones, such as Cyprusses (Cupressus sempervirens), Olives trees (Olea europaea), Echium fastuosum or Caroubiers (Ceratonia silica). It is important to go there and see the eldest French Caroubier with its funny shapes and cuts.

Each one of these small gardens generally highlights one different tyheme, generally taken from the greek and Latin mythology episodes. ( e.g. Ulysse's garden, Nausicaa's fountain etc.) A dozen " fabriques " (i.e. small picturesques buildings) guide the visitors through a mediterranean journey.

This garden is particularly famous for its views on the old city of Menton and its bay.


Address and informations >>>

Route des Colombières. Menton
(between old town and italian border).

This garden is private