A charming town full of mystery is located at the french-italian boarder right on the coast. Surrounded by mountains, Menton is protected from winds and benefits from a wonderful weather.

Menton was founded on the Comtes of Vintimiglia domain. Menton belonged to Grimaldi family (Monaco) from 1346 till 1848, and on the 2nd february 1861 officialy became french.

From the 18th century, Menton attracted a lot of celebrities : Ferdinand de Lesseps, La Reine Victoria, l'Impératrice Eugénie, Alexandre de Russie, le roi Albert 1er de Belgique, Ferdinand Bach, Vicente Blasco Ibanez, Jean Cocteau, le Président René Coty, Katherine Mansfield, la Reine Astrid de Belgique, …

The medieval city >>>

It looks like an opened amphitheatre. Only two doors remain; the doors St Julien and St Antoine.

Saint-Michel square >>>

Made of little white and grey stones representing Grimaldi coat of arms. The construction of Saint-Michel church began in 1640 and terminated in 1675. The bell tower was constructed in the 18th century and the front in 1819 in baroque style. On the side, church of "White Penitents" was constructed in 1687 by Prince Louis 1st.

The Bastion >>>

Constructed from 1636 to 1639 by Honore II of Monaco to defend the town. In 1957, restored it to put his work of arts.

Villa Maria Serena >>>

Belong to Lesseps family, constructed in 1880 on Charles Granier plans, architect of Paris Opera. This house has a beautiful garden. Learn more >>>

Fontana Rosa >>>

Vincente Blasco Ibanez purchased in 1921 Fontana Rosa domain and dedicated it to Spain and novelists. Learn more >>>

Val Rahmeh >>>

Created in 1905 by Lord Radcliffe, ex-governor of Malte. Botanic garden was acquired by state in 1966 and gave to the "Musée d'Histoire Naturelle". Learn more >>>

Les Colombières >>>

Ferdinand Bac, novelist, drawer, illustrator and landscaper found the spirit of mediteranean gardens on the domain of Ladan Bockairy family in 1918. Learn more >>>

La Serre de la Madone >>>

Designed between 1919 and 1939 by major Lawrence Johnston, designer of english gardens. Today, contains a collection of rare essence brought back from Asia. Learn more >>>

Le Palais Carnolès >>>

Old summer residence of Princes of Monaco, constructed in 1717. Today, this little "Versailles" contains paint collections. Learn more >>>

Le Marché municipal >>>

Constructed in 1898 by Adrien Rey, architect of Menton.A picturesque market where villager sale their harverst.

Photos >>>

Frontages >>>

Towns and Villages around >>>

Roquebrune Cap Martin (2km), Castellar (6km) et Sainte-Agnès (10km)